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Walker County History


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Walker County History

Walker CountyThe Alabama legislature created Walker County Alabama on December 26, 1823 over forty years before the Civil War. The county got its name from U.S. Senator John Williams WalkerJohn Walker who was one of the first senators from Alabama and president of the of the convention that framed Alabama's constitution which allowed Alabama to be admitted to the United States.

Here in the northwestern part of the state, Walker County is boarded by Winston, Cullman, Blount, Jefferson, Tuscaloosa, Fayette, and Marion counties. The county is 803 square miles and has been one of the states leading coal-producine areas in the state and indeed, the country. Many of the people living in the county have ties to coal mining.

The Sipsey Fork of the Black Warrior and Mulberry Rivers divide Walker County east and west. Jasper, which is the county seat is the largest city in Walker County.

The Daily Mountain Eagle is the the largest county publication.

Other towns and communities included Oakman, Carbon Hill, Eldridge, Kansas, Cordova, Parrish, Dora, Sumiton, and Sipsey.

Fires at the courthouse occurred in 1865, 1877, 1886, and 1932. Most of the counties early records were lost in those fires. The county courthouse also sustained a direct hit of a tornado that ripped through Jasper in 1974.

Pat Morrison talks about Moses Camak, a Walker County Pioneer buried at Old Jasper Memorial Cemetery




Gene Gravlee talks about Griffin Lampkin, and historical figure buried at Old Jasper Memorial Cemetery


 Gene Gravlee talks about when Northern Troops Moved Through Walker County in March of 1865

Alabama Historian Wheeler Pounds spoke at April Walker County Genealogy Meeting

His presentation was compiled by Martha Cantrell, Butch Walker, Joel Mize and Wheeler Pounds. The State of Alabama issued a proclaimation saying that Byler Road is the first road commissioned by the State of Alabama three days after becoming a state. The Byler Road Project has many historical locations along its path through Alabama. Click the link below to view the PowerPoint presentation.

Byler Road Project

To view PowerPoint SlideShow

Wheeler also showed the group the initial mapping of Baltamore Road which goes from west Walker County to east Walker County. Click here to view the PDF of the map.