Walker County Coal Mines

Walker County History


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Pat Morrison talks about the Angel Monument in Oak Hill Cemetery in Jasper



Pat Morrison talks about F.A. Gamble, a Walker County pioneer



Gene Gravlee talks about burial traditions - why people are buried facing east.



Gene Gravlee talks about the old Jasper Memorial Cemetery




Pat Morrison talks about Moses Camak, a Walker County Pioneer


John Key, one of the pioneers of Walker County by Gene Gravlee




Benjamine McFarland Long, a historical figure in Walker County.
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The first Sheriff of Walker County



Gene Gravlee talks about Michael Taff. A confederate soldier buried at Friendship Cemetery


Rick Watson - The Watson Family of Sloss, Part 1


Gene Gravlee talks about Brasfield some of the people buried at the cemetery.


Gene Gravlee talks about Joseph Marion Cole, Confederate soldier who walks home after the Civil War


Gene Gravlee talks about General Coffee's march through Walker County in pursuit of Native Americans




Gene Gravlee talks about the grave of William Penn Sargent, Confederate Soldier buried at Davis Cemetery

Gene Gravlee talks about Walker County Cemeteries



Gene Gravlee talks about the difference between Confederate and US Military Headstones



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