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A Story in Every Grave


Hobo Cemetery
Walker County, AL

One morning a few years ago, while drinking coffee with several folks in  Jack’s Restaurant at Dora Junction, I was asked by Richard Lovelady if I knew about the grave which was down the railroad tracks from the Doliska Crossing on the other side of Dora.  I replied “no,” but went on to tell him that I would like to see it and plot it. 

We made arrangements to meet later  that morning near the Doliska Crossing and walk to the grave.  To get to this grave, you must walk toward Cordova on the Southern Railroad track, through the “cut” that is over ¼ mile west of the Doliska Crossing.  You must then go down a steep embankment where large rocks have been placed to prevent erosion; walking as careful you possibly can to avoid taking a bad fall.  The grave we walked to is located between two huge telegraph poles that are sawed off on an equal amount above the ground; one placed at the head of the grave and the other at the foot of the grave.

Richard said the story is that a man was killed at this spot of ground many years ago by a passing train.  What year?  We don’t know.  There is no record nor recorded information that I have been able to locate.

The train mutilated his body.  No identification was found on him and following an investigation, it was determined that he was not a railroad employee. No one knew who he was!  All concerned made the decision that he was to be buried then, and there, in a grave on the Railroad right -of-way.

This is some mother’s son and for him to be placed in a grave such as this and forgotten is so sad.  I do not know what date this happened but it would have occurred probably in the 1930’s.  This grave was placed on the “Cemeteries of Walker County Map”, numbered 303 and I gave it the name “Hobo”. (For those who do not know, one grave is considered a cemetery.)  This grave is located in Township 15S Range 5W Section 30 just outside the Dora City Limits in Walker County.

Who knows, maybe he was a “Hobo.”  He could have been from most anywhere, going most anywhere, but some mother - somewhere - went to her grave never knowing, yet wondering “whatever happened to my boy?”  
He could be listed among the missing of today.