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There's a story in every grave

Jefferson County, Alabama

         Many times over many years I had driven past these graves until one day I saw that someone had cleaned off a small spot of land and I realized that this was a cemetery. 
            There are three graves with monuments located across the road from 5215 Jay Bird Road, Brighton, Jefferson County, Alabama.  Those buried at this location are 1. Katie, wife of Tom Joley, August 14, 1859-October 16, 1913. 2. Osker, son of Tom S. & Katie Joley, August 1, 1880-October 16, 1912. 3. Caroline Moore, February 23, 1859-October 19, 1912.  If you notice, all died in October, two in the same year, 3 days apart and the other one year to the day later.

            For the last few weeks, I have been answering questions as to the location of many old cemeteries.  I have shared information, photographs and assisted several people,   But this old cemetery kept coming to my mind.  I just could not forget the way Jolly was spelled Joley nor the fact that Oscar was spelled Osker.  Who were these people?  Are they some of the family that I know today?  Where are their descendents today?  Do they know where these graves are?   If they read this, they will know!  If you read this and know, please let me know.

Joley Moore
            One more cemetery preserved if a bull dozier does get it.