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There's a story in every grave

Unknown Soldier’s Grave
Of The War of 1812
Lamar County

            Just south of Pikeville (located in Marion County near Hamilton) on a lonely river rock road in the northeast corner of Lamar County is one grave on the west side of the Military Road.  This is one of the most unusual graves to be found anywhere.  It is located on the actual road that General Andrew Jackson led his troops down on their journey to Louisiana.  
            Pikeville was the first county seat of Marion County many years ago.  At Pikeville is where Andrew Jackson camped out with his soldiers while on his way to fight the battle of New Orleans.  Ah, but that is another story!
            As you can see by the photograph, there is steel pipe surrounding this grave of an unknown War of 1812 soldier. This soldier was supposed to have been with General Andrew Jackson as he led his troops toward New Orleans to fight the British!  Regardless of who this unknown was, his memory is still honored today and has continued since his death. 
            I was really taken back the first visit I made to this gravesite several years ago.  I could not help but notice that there was a small basket containing several coins of nickels, dimes and quarters.  There was not much money in the basket at the time, but as people came by and left some of their pocket change, someone else (unknown to me) collects the money, purchases flowers, and brings them here to honor this soldier of a war long ago.
            This Unknown Soldier, probably far from home, became sick and died in this lonely spot never thinking that even today,  193 years later, he would be  remembered.
             Think about that!  Will you be remembered for nearly 200 years after you are gone?